The Nails In Your Hands

Song Author Mercy Me Submitted by: Anonymous
[G]    [Em7]    [C]    [D]    
The [G]nails in your hands
The [Em7]nail in your feet,
They [C]tell me how much you love[D] me  
The [G]thorns in your brow,
They [Em7]tell me how, [C]you bore so much pain to love[D] me.

And when the [Bm7]heavens pass away[C],  
All your [Bm7]scars will still rem[C]ain,
And fo[Bm7]rever they will s[C]ay,  
How much you[Am7] love me[D]    

[G]Forever my love, [Em7]forever my heart
[C]Forever my life, it's [D]yours, it's [G]yours. [Em7,C,D]    

The nails in your hands
The nail in your feet,
They tell me how much you love me
The thorns in your brow,
They tell me how, you bore so much pain to love me.

And when the heavens pass away,
All your scars will still remain,
And forever they will say,
How much you love me

Forever my love, forever my heart
Forever my life, it's yours, it's yours. [Em7,C,D]


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