The Moon Was Yellow

Song Author Fred Ahlert og Edgar Leslie Lyrics by: Fred Ahlert og Edgar Leslie Performer: Frank Sinatra Submitted by: Anonymous
[E7]The    [Am]moon was [Bb9]yellow [Fdim]    [E] and the [E7-9]night      [E7]was y[A9]oung   
[Am]A s   [A9]mile br[Am]ought[Asus4] us       [Am]to - [A9]geth - [Am]er,    [Dm]and    [D9]I w   [Dm]as    [Dsus4]wond'-       [Dm]ring w[D9]heth - [Dm]er   
[E7]We'd [E7+5]meet      [E7]a -    [Fdim]gain      [E7+5]some      [A9]day. [Am]    

[E7]The    [Am]moon was [Bb9]yellow [Fdim]    [E] and a [E7-9]song      [E7]was s[A9]ung,   
T[Am]hat    [A9]vo - [Am]cal   [Asus4] in -       [Am]spi - [A9]ra - t[Am]ion    [Dm]gave [D9]me    [Dm]the   [Dsus4] in - c      [Dm]li - [D9]na - t[Dm]ion   
[E7]To    [E7+5]give      [E7]my    [Fdim]heart      [E7]a - w[Am]ay! [Dm]    [Am]    

[F]Here we [Dm7]are.    [G] Is our [C7]ro - mance[Gdim] to con - [Fm7]tin - ue?
[E7]Will   [E7+5] it      [Fdim] be      [E7+5] my l     [E7]uck   [E7+5] to      [A9]win    [Am]you?   
[F]May I [Dm7]look     [Fdim]that f     [E7]ar?   

[E7]My l   [Am]ove is [Bb9]mellow [Fdim]    [E] and my [E7-9]hopes      [E7]are s[A9]trung
[Am]A - r[A9]ound [Am]that   [Asus4] cu -       [Am]pid f[A9]el - l[Am]ow.    [Dm] Be - h[D9]old! [Dm]The   [Dsus4] moon       [Dm]is    [D9]yel - [Dm]low,   
[E7]And    [E7+5]the n     [Bb9]ight    [Fdim] is y     [Am]oung.

The moon was yellow and the [E7-9]night was young
A smile brought us to - geth - er, and I was wond'- ring wheth - er
We'd meet a - gain some day.

The moon was yellow and a [E7-9]song was sung,
That vo - cal in - spi - ra - tion gave me the in - cli - na - tion
To give my heart a - way!

Here we are. Is our ro - mance to con - tin - ue?
Will it be my luck to win you?
May I look that far?

My love is mellow and my [E7-9]hopes are strung
A - round that cu - pid fel - low. Be - hold! The moon is yel - low,
And the night is young.


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