The Locket

Song Author Faron Young Performer: Faron Young Submitted by: Anonymous

[C]I hold the [G7]key to her [C]locket [C7]    
She [F]wears around her [G7]neck to show she´s [C]mine
We´re too [F]young to be [G7]engaged so [C]we found another [Am]way   
To [D7]vow our love until the end of [G]time [G7]oh   

[C]We´ll make [G7]all the spots [C]together [C7]    
The [F]record hops the [G7]drive-in´s and the [C]shows
And [F]all the fellows [G7]know [C]everywhere we [Am]go   
[D7]That the locket means that you are [G]mine [G7]oh   

[C]I´ll hold you [Am]close and [F]tell you that [G7]I love you
[C]You´ll squeeze my [Am]hand and [F]say you feel the [G7]same   
[C]So you wear the [C7]locket and [F]I´ll keep the key
Un[C]til I can [G7]replace it with a [C]ring

So always keep this [G7]locket that I [C]bought you [C7]    
And [F]wear it on your [G7]neck to high and [C]proud
So [F]everyone can [G7]see    [C]you belong to [Am]me   
And [Dm]that we bought our [G7]love eternal[C]ly  

I hold the key to her locket
She wears around her neck to show she´s mine
We´re too young to be engaged so we found another way
To vow our love until the end of time oh

We´ll make all the spots together
The record hops the drive-in´s and the shows
And all the fellows know everywhere we go
That the locket means that you are mine oh

I´ll hold you close and tell you that I love you
You´ll squeeze my hand and say you feel the same
So you wear the locket and I´ll keep the key
Until I can replace it with a ring

So always keep this locket that I bought you
And wear it on your neck to high and proud
So everyone can see you belong to me
And that we bought our love eternally


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