The Hobos Last Ride

Song Author Nancy Blake og Norman Blake Performer: Hank Snow Submitted by: Anonymous

[C]One dark and stormy night [F]while riding down the [C]line
[F]Railroad Bill the [C]engineer said [D7]boy we'll have to [G7]fly   
We've [C]got to [F]be on [C]time to [F]meet old Number [C]Four
So [F]sling the coal we'll [C]make it boy or [G7]never ride no [C]more

While in the rear boxcar a [F]lonely hobo [C]lay  
[F]Heading for his [C]mother dear who [D7]on her death-bed [G7]lay   
He [C]raised a [F]weary [C]hand to [F]brush away a [C]tear
Not [F]knowing his last [C]drive was run and [G7]fate was drawing [C]near

When through the darkened night a [F]headlight bright did [C]gleam
[F]Above the roar of [C]rolling wheels a [D7]whistle loud did [G7]scream
As [C]down a[F]round the [C]curve the [F]mighty train did [C]roar
With [F]black smoke rolling [C]from the stack [G7]came Flyer Number [C]Four

Then came an awful crash their [F]last long drive was [C]run  
[F]There on the track the [C]hobo lay [D7]his days of life were [G7]done   
And [C]as the [F]golden [C]sun sank [F]slowly to the [C]west
His [F]dear old mother [C]gently smiled and [G7]closed her eyes in [C]death

One dark and stormy night while riding down the line
Railroad Bill the engineer said boy we'll have to fly
We've got to be on time to meet old Number Four
So sling the coal we'll make it boy or never ride no more

While in the rear boxcar a lonely hobo lay
Heading for his mother dear who on her death-bed lay
He raised a weary hand to brush away a tear
Not knowing his last drive was run and fate was drawing near

When through the darkened night a headlight bright did gleam
Above the roar of rolling wheels a whistle loud did scream
As down around the curve the mighty train did roar
With black smoke rolling from the stack came Flyer Number Four

Then came an awful crash their last long drive was run
There on the track the hobo lay his days of life were done
And as the golden sun sank slowly to the west
His dear old mother gently smiled and closed her eyes in death


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