The Gang That SangHeart Of My Heart

Song Author Ben Ryan Lyrics by: Ben Ryan Performer: Don Cornel Submitted by: Anonymous
"H[C]eart[Cdim] of My He[C]art," [Cdim] I lo[G]ve that[Cdim] mel –[G] o - dy;
"He[G]art [Cdim]of My He[G]art" [Fdim] brings b[C]ack t[Dm7]hose m[C]emories, [C/B]    [C/Bb]    
W[A7]hen    [Gdim]we were k[A7]ids on the c[D7]orner[Fdim] of the str[D7]eet,   
W[D]e were [Cdim]rough and r[D7]eady guys,
But, o[G]h, how[Cdim] we c     [Dm7]ould h[G5]ar &   [Fdim]ndash; [G7]mo - nize,
[C]Heart[Cdim] of my he[C]art, [Cdim] meant f[G]riends were d[Cdim]earer t[G7]hen --
[Fdim]Too bad we [G7]had    [Bm7-5] to p      [E7]art,   
I k[A7]now a [Fdim]tear would gl[A7]isten
If on[D]ce more[Cdim] I could l[D7]isten,
[F]To the [Fdim]gang that s[G]ang "Heart [Fdim]of My He[C]art," [C/B] of     [C/Bb] my h     [A7]eart —
[D]To t[Dm7]he ga    [D7]ng that s[F]ang "Heart o[G]f My Hea[C]rt,"
H[C5]eart [Cdim] of      [Dm7]My He[C]art.

"Heart of My Heart," I love that mel – o - dy;
"Heart of My Heart" brings back those memories,
When we were kids on the corner of the street,
We were rough and ready guys,
But, oh, how we could har – mo - nize,
Heart of my heart, meant friends were dearer then --
Too bad we had [Bm7-5] to part,
I know a tear would glisten
If once more I could listen,
To the gang that sang "Heart of My Heart," of my heart —
To the gang that sang "Heart of My Heart,"
Heart of My Heart.


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