The Folks Who Live On The Hill

Song Author Oscar Hammerstein og Jerome Kern Lyrics by: Oscar Hammerstein og Jerome Kern Performer: Peggy Lee Submitted by: Anonymous
[D]Someday,[B7]    [Em7]    
We'll build a [G/B]home    [Edim] on      [A7]a    [D]hilltop h[B7]igh, [Em7]you and[Edim] I,     
[D]Shiny and n[B7]ew, a [Em7]cottage that[A7+5] two can f[D]ill;[B7]    [G]    
And we'll be [Gdim]pleased to be ca[D]lled [B7]    [G]    
The folks who [A7]live [Em7]on t    [A7]he hi[D]ll. [B7]    [G]    [A7]    

[D]Someday,[B7]    [Em7] we may [G/Bedim]add a w        [A7]ing or t[D]wo,  [B7] a t[Em7]hing or[Edim] two;     
We [D]will make c[B7]hanges,[Em7] as any [A7+5]family wi[D]ll. [B7]    [G]    
But we will [Gdim]always be cal[D]led [B7]    [G]    
The folks who l[A7]ive    [Em7]on t    [A7]he h   [D]ill.

[F#m]Our ver[Fdim]anda w     [Bm]ill com[Fdim]mand a [F#m]view of[Fdim] meadows g[F#m]reen,    
The [Fdim]sort of v[F#7]iew that [Bm7-5]seems to [Fdim]want      [E7]to be s[A7]een.   

[A7]And    [Em7]when the [A7]kids grow[G/B] up     [A7+5]and le     [D]ave us, [B7]    [G]    
We'll sit and [G/B]look    [Edim] at t     [A7]hat s[D]ame old v[B7]iew, [Em7] just we [Edim]two --     
[D]Baby and [B7]Joe, [Em7] who [G/B]used    [A7+5] to be J[D]ack and J[B7]ill, [G]    
The folks who [Gdim]like to be ca[D]lled [B7]    [G]    
What they have [A7]always been ca[F#7]lled: [B7]    [Em]    
The [B+]folks [Em7]who     [Edim]live      [A7]on the hi[D]ll.  

We'll build a home on a hilltop high, you and I,
Shiny and new, a cottage that two can fill;
And we'll be pleased to be called
The folks who live on the hill.

Someday, we may add a wing or two, a thing or two;
We will make changes, as any family will.
But we will always be called
The folks who live on the hill.

Our veranda will command a view of meadows green,
The sort of view that [Bm7-5]seems to want to be seen.

And when the kids grow up and leave us,
We'll sit and look at that same old view, just we two --
Baby and Joe, who used to be Jack and Jill,
The folks who like to be called
What they have always been called:
The folks who live on the hill.


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