The Flowers  The Sunset  The Trees

Song Author Mattie ONeal Lyrics by: Mattie ONeal Performer: Jim Reeves Submitted by: Anonymous
[C]Each time I [C7]touch a rose [F]petal
And [C]breathe the sweet fragrance it [G7]brings
I [C]know there's a [C7]God up in [F]heaven
No [C]human could [G7]create these [C]things

The [G7]dogwood the oak and the [C]willow
So [G7]gracefully [D7]wave in the [G7]breeze
The [C]dogwood I'll [C7]always [F]remember
My [C]Lord died [G7]upon one of [C]these

The sunset in [C7]its golden [F]splendor
Such [C]colors no artist can [G7]do   
I [C]know when I [C7]look on its [F]beauty
Each [C]page in the [G7]Bible is [C]true

No [G7]picture or painting can [C]capture
The [G7]beauty of [D7]any of [G7]these
The [C]handwork of [C7]God is re[F]vealed in
The [C]flowers the [G7]sunset the [C]trees

Each time I touch a rose petal
And breathe the sweet fragrance it brings
I know there's a God up in heaven
No human could create these things

The dogwood the oak and the willow
So gracefully wave in the breeze
The dogwood I'll always remember
My Lord died upon one of these

The sunset in its golden splendor
Such colors no artist can do
I know when I look on its beauty
Each page in the Bible is true

No picture or painting can capture
The beauty of any of these
The handwork of God is revealed in
The flowers the sunset the trees


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