The End Of A Love Affair

Song Author Edward Redding Performer: Julie London Submitted by: jonagust

[A]So   [A9]I w   [A]alk a lit[A9]tle t[A]oo   [A7/9]fast, and I d[D9]rive a [D6/9]little too [Bbm7]fast,     
And I'm [Gm7]reckless it's t[A]rue, [A7]but what [D9]else can you[Bm7] do    
At the [Em7]end of a [Em9]love af[A]fair?

[A]So   [A9]I t   [A]alk a litt[A9]le t   [A]oo   [A7/9]much, and I l[D9]augh a [D6/9]little too [Bbm7]much,     
And my v[G]oice is too l[A]oud w[A7]hen I'm [D9]out in a c[B7]rowd,
So that [Em7]people [Em9]are apt to st[A]are.

Do they [Em7]know, do they c[G6]are, that it's o[Em7]nly     [A7]    
That I'm [Em7]lonely, and [G6]low as can [Em7]be?     [A7]    
And the s[G]mile on my [G/F#]face isn't [Em7]really a [Em9]smile at [A7]all.   

[A]So   [A9]I s   [A]moke a lit[A9]tle t[A]oo   [A7/9]much, and I j[D9]oke a l[D6/9]ittle too m[Bbm7]uch,     
And the t[Gm7]unes I req[A7/6]uest are not [D9]always the [Bm7]best,    
But the o[A]nes where the t[Em7]rumpets b[F#7]lare.    

So I [Bm]go at a[Bm7/E] maddening [Gm7]pace, and I pre[Am7]tend that it's [C#m7-5]taking his p[F#7]lace,    
But what [Em7]else can you [A7]do at the [Em9]end of a l[A]ove affa[D6]ir?   

So I walk a little too fast, and I drive a little too fast,
And I'm reckless it's true, but what else can you do
At the end of a love affair?

So I talk a little too much, and I laugh a little too much,
And my voice is too loud when I'm out in a crowd,
So that people are apt to stare.

Do they know, do they care, that it's only
That I'm lonely, and low as can be?
And the smile on my face isn't really a smile at all.

So I smoke a little too much, and I joke a little too much,
And the tunes I request are not always the best,
But the ones where the trumpets blare.

So I go at a maddening pace, and I pretend that it's [C#m7-5]taking his place,
But what else can you do at the end of a love affair?


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