The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

Song Author Al Dubin og Harry Warren Performer: Tony Bennett Submitted by: kjartansverrisson

[Am]I    [Fdim]walk al[E7]ong the s[Fdim]treet of s[Am]orrow,
The boule[Fdim]vard of [Am]broken dr[E7]eams,
Where[Fdim] gi - go [Bm7-5]- lo and gigal[E7]ette can take a[Fdim] kiss wi[Bm7-5]thout re[E7]gret   
So they fo[Bb9]rget their [Bm7-5]broken dr[Am]eams.

[Am]You    [Fdim]laugh to[E7]night and[Fdim] cry to[Am]morrow
When you be[Fdim]hold your s[Am]hattered d[E7]reams,
And[Fdim] gi - go [Bm7-5]- lo and gigale[E7]tte awake to [Fdim]find their[Bm7-5] eyes are [E7]wet   
With[Bb9] tears that[Bm7-5] tell of [E7]broken [Am]dreams.

[A]Here is [Am7]where you'll [A7]always [Dm]find me,[Dm+7]    [Dm7]    
Always [Bb9]walking up and d[Am]own; [Am+7]    [Am7]    
But I[Am7/G] left my soul beh[D7]ind me [Am7]    [D7] in an [D9]old cat[F7]hedral [E7]town.

[Am]The   [Fdim] joy that [E7]you find [Fdim]here you b[Am]orrow,
You cannot [Fdim]keep it l[Am]ong it se[E7]ems;   
But [Fdim]gi - go [Bm7-5]- lo and giga[E7]lette still[Fdim] sing a[Bm7-5] song and[Fdim] dance a[Bbm]long    
Boul[Bm7-5]evard of b[E7]roken d[Am]reams.

I walk along the street of sorrow,
The boulevard of broken dreams,
Where gi - go [Bm7-5]- lo and gigalette can take a kiss wi[Bm7-5]thout regret
So they forget their [Bm7-5]broken dreams.

You laugh tonight and cry tomorrow
When you behold your shattered dreams,
And gi - go [Bm7-5]- lo and gigalette awake to find their[Bm7-5] eyes are wet
With tears that[Bm7-5] tell of broken dreams.

Here is where you'll always find me,
Always walking up and down;
But I left my soul behind me in an old cathedral town.

The joy that you find here you borrow,
You cannot keep it long it seems;
But gi - go [Bm7-5]- lo and gigalette still sing a[Bm7-5] song and dance along
Boul[Bm7-5]evard of broken dreams.


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