Song Author Jay Livingston og Ray Evans Performer: Brenda Lee Submitted by: Anonymous
[C]I hear the [Em]cottonwoods [F]whispering [C]above
[Em]Tammy  [Am]Tammy  [Dm]Tammy's in [G7]love   
The [C]ole hooty [Em]owl hooty [F]hoos to the [C]dove
[Em]Tammy  [F]Tammy  [G7]Tammy's my [C]love

Does my lover feel [F]what I feel
[D7]When he comes [G7]near   
My [E7]heart beats so [Am]joy-fu[F]lly  
You'd [C]think that [Em]he     [Am]could  [G7]hear   

Wish [C]I knew if [Em]he knew
[F]What I'm dreamin' [C]of  
[Am]Tammy  [Em]Tammy  [G7]Tammy's in [C]love

I hear the cottonwoods whispering above
Tammy  Tammy  Tammy's in love
The ole hooty owl hooty hoos to the dove
Tammy  Tammy  Tammy's my love

Does my lover feel what I feel
When he comes near
My heart beats so joy-fully
You'd think that he  could  hear

Wish I knew if he knew
What I'm dreamin' of
Tammy  Tammy  Tammy's in love


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