Statue Of a Fool

Song Author Jan Crutchfield Performer: Jack Greene Submitted by: Anonymous
[C]Somewhere there should [Am]be   
[Em]For all the world to [C]see  
[F]A statue of a [G7]fool made of [C]stone
An image of a [Am]man who let [Em]love slip through his [C]hands
And [D7]then just let him stand there all a[G7]lone   

[C]And there on his [Am]face   
[Em]A gold tear should be [C]placed
[F]To honor the [G7]million tears he's [C]cried
And I think it would [Am]show   
Then [Em]everyone would [C]know

Con[D7]cealed is a broken heart in[G7]side   
[C]So build a [Am]statue [Dm7] oh build it [G7]high   
[Dm]So that [G7]all can [C]see  
[Ab7]Then inscribe the [C]World's greatest [Am]fool   
And [Dm7]name  [Em]it     [Dm7]af-t    [G7]er     [C]me  

Somewhere there should be
For all the world to see
A statue of a fool made of stone
An image of a man who let love slip through his hands
And then just let him stand there all alone

And there on his face
A gold tear should be placed
To honor the million tears he's cried
And I think it would show
Then everyone would know

Concealed is a broken heart inside
So build a statue  oh build it high
So that all can see
Then inscribe the World's greatest fool
And name  it  af-ter  me


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