Sophisticated Lady

Song Author Mitchell Parish , Duke Ellington og Irving Mills Performer: Linda Ronstadt Submitted by: jonagust

[Fdim]They      [Em]say into your [C7]ear - [B7]ly    [Bb7]life     [A7]ro - mance c[D]ame,
And [A7]in this he[D7]art    [C#7]of yo    [C7]urs bu[B7]rned a fl[E7]ame,   
A flame that f[A6]lick-e[A]red [A6]one d[A]ay a[A7]nd d   [D]ied [Cdim] a - [A7]way.   

[Em]Then, with dis - il - [C7]lu - s[B7]ion    [Bb7]deep     [A7]in your ey[D]es,  
You [A7]learned that f[D7]ools   [C#7] in l    [C7]ove s[B7]oon grow w[E7]ise.   
The years have ch[A6]anged [A]you [A6]some - h[A]ow. [A7]I s   [D]ee you now...[F#m]    [G#]    

[C#7]Smo - king and [Bbm]drink - ing,
F# G#7 C#7 Fdm(III) F# F#m G#
Nev - er think - ing of to - mor - row, non - chal - ant,
[C#7]Dia - monds shi[Bbm] - ning,
[Gdim]Danc - ing, [G#7]di - ning with some [C#]man   [Fdim] in a      [F#m]res - tau - rant.
Is [A7]that all you r[G7]eal - ly want?

[Em]No, Soph - is - ti - [C7]ca - [B7]ted    [Bb7]La -     [A7]dy,   
I k[D]now [A7] you miss the l[D7]ove    [C#7]you l    [C7]ost l[B7]ong a - [E7]go,   
And when no - [A7+5]bod - y is n[A7]igh, you c[D]ry,  
You c[Em7]ry,     [G/B]you     [Dm7]cry.    

They say into your ear - ly life ro - mance came,
And in this heart of yours burned a flame,
A flame that flick-ered one day and died a - way.

Then, with dis - il - lu - sion deep in your eyes,
You learned that fools in love soon grow wise.
The years have changed you some - how. I see you now...

Smo - king and drink - ing,
F# G#7 C#7 Fdm(III) F# F#m G#
Nev - er think - ing of to - mor - row, non - chal - ant,
Dia - monds shi - ning,
Danc - ing, di - ning with some man in a res - tau - rant.
Is that all you real - ly want?

No, Soph - is - ti - ca - ted La - dy,
I know you miss the love you lost long a - go,
And when no - bod - y is nigh, you cry,
You cry, you cry.


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