Song Author Stephen Sondheim og Leonard Bernstein Performer: Johnny Mathis Submitted by: Anonymous

[B7]There's a p[E7]lace for [A]us,  [F#m7] some - [B7]where, a p[E7]lace for [A]us;  
[B7]Peace and qui - et and[G#m] o - pen [C#m]air    
W[A]ait for u[D]s some - wh[B7]ere.   

[B7]There's a t[E7]ime for [A]us,  [F#m7] some - d[B7]ay a t[E7]ime for u[A]s;  
[B7]Time to - geth - er with [G#m]time to s[C#m]pare,    
T[A]ime to le[D]arn, [Bm]time to c[G]are.

S[C]ome - day, s[Am]ome - where, [Em]we'll find a new way of[F#m7] liv - ing,
[C]We'll find a[Cdim] way of for - [G]giv - ing,[F#7] some -[(gdim?)] where.        

[B7]There's a p[E7]lace for [A]us,  [F#m7] a t[B7]ime and pl[E7]ace for u[A]s;  
[B7]Hold my hand and we're [G#m]half - way [C#m]there,
H[A]old my h[D]and and I'll t[Bm]ake you th[G]ere,
S[C]ome - how, [Am]some - day, s[E]ome - w[E7]here. [A]    

There's a place for us, some - where, a place for us;
Peace and qui - et and o - pen air
Wait for us some - where.

There's a time for us, some - day a time for us;
Time to - geth - er with time to spare,
Time to learn, time to care.

Some - day, some - where, we'll find a new way of liv - ing,
We'll find a way of for - giv - ing, some -[(Gdim?)] where.

There's a place for us, a time and place for us;
Hold my hand and we're half - way there,
Hold my hand and I'll take you there,
Some - how, some - day, some - where.


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