Somewhere out there

Song Author Linda Ronstadt Submitted by: Anonymous
[A]Somew[E7]here o[D9]ut t   [A]here, ben[Amaj7]eath the[C#m7/5-] pale moonli[D]ght, [F#7]    
[Bm7]Some    [E7]one's thinking [A]of  [F#m] me and [D]lov -[F#m7] ing      [Bm7] me     [Bm7/5-] to - ni       [E7]ght.   
[A]Somew[E7]here o[D9]ut t   [A]here, s[Amaj7]omeone's[C#m7/5-] saying a pr[D]ayer [F#7]    
That [Bm7]we'll f[E7]ind one an - [A]oth -[F#m] er in that [D]big s[F#m7]omewh     [Bm7]ere     [E7]out th[A]ere.

And e[D]ven though I k[E7]now how very [D9]far apart we [E7]are,   
It h[D]elps to think we m[E7]ight be wishing [D9]on the same bright [E7]star.
And [F]when the night wind s[G7]tarts to sing a l[F]onesome lullab[G]ye,  
It [F]helps to think we're s[G7]leeping under[Bm7/5-]neath the same big s[E7]ky.   

[A]Somew[E7]here o[D9]ut t   [A]here, if [Amaj7]love can[C#m7/5-] see us thro[D]ugh, [F#7]    
Then [Bm7]we'll [E7]be to - g[A]eth -[F#m] er somewhere o[D]ut there,
Out w[E7]here dreams come t[A]rue.

Somewhere out there, beneath the[C#m7/5-] pale moonlight,
Someone's thinking of me and lov - ing me [Bm7/5-] to - night.
Somewhere out there, someone's[C#m7/5-] saying a prayer
That we'll find one an - oth - er in that big somewhere out there.

And even though I know how very far apart we are,
It helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star.
And when the night wind starts to sing a lonesome lullabye,
It helps to think we're sleeping under[Bm7/5-]neath the same big sky.

Somewhere out there, if love can[C#m7/5-] see us through,
Then we'll be to - geth - er somewhere out there,
Out where dreams come true.


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