Somewhere My Love (Laras Theme)

Song Author Paul F. Webster og Maurice Jarre Lyrics by: Paul F. Webster og Maurice Jarre Performer: Ray Coniff Submitted by: Anonymous
[G]Somew[D9]here,[Cdim] My      [G]Love, there will be [Gdim]songs to s[D7]ing   
[Am7]Although [D7]the sn[Am7]ow covers t[D7]he hope of[G] spring;
[G]Somewh[D9]ere   [Cdim] a h     [G]ill blossoms in g[Gdim]reen and g[D7]old,   
An[Am7]d there are dr[D7]eams &m[Am7]dash; all that [D7]your heart[G] can hold.

[C]Some[C/B]day     [Am7]    [Am7/G]we'll meet ag[C]ain, [Am7]My Lo    [G]ve,  
[Bb]Someday, whenever the sp[F]ring b[Bb9]reaks thr[D7]ough.

Yo[G]u'll c[D9]ome   [Cdim] to      [G]me out of the [Gdim]long a - [D]go,  
W[Am7]arm as the w[D7]ind, [Am7]soft as the k[D7]iss of [G]snow;
[G]Til [D9]then   [Cdim], My Sw[G]eet, think of me [Gdim]now and t[D7]hen;   
[Am7]God speed, My L[D]ove, [Am7]til you are [D7]mine aga[G]in.  

Somewhere, My Love, there will be songs to sing
Although the snow covers the hope of spring;
Somewhere a hill blossoms in green and gold,
And there are dreams — all that your heart can hold.

Someday we'll meet again, My Love,
Someday, whenever the spring breaks through.

You'll come to me out of the long a - go,
Warm as the wind, soft as the kiss of snow;
Til then, My Sweet, think of me now and then;
God speed, My Love, til you are mine again.


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