Somebody Loves Me

Song Author B.G.DeSylva , Ballard MacDonald og George Gershwin Performer: Erroll Garner Submitted by: Anonymous
[G]Someb[Dm7]ody lo[Dm]ves m[G7]e... [C]    
I wonder w[F7]ho? [C]    
I wonder [F7]who    [Dm7]she     [G7]can    [C]be. [Gdim]    [D7]    

[C]Somebo[Dm7]dy lov[Dm]es    [G7]me - [C]    
I wish I k[D7]new. [Em]    
[Cdim]Who she can[F#m7] be wo     [B7]rries [Em]me. [B+]    [Em7]    

For [A7]ev'ry [Dm]girl who [Gm6]passes [Dm]me   
I s[Gm6]hout, "Hey, [Dm]may   [Dm+7]be     
[Am7-5]You were me[D7]ant to[Am7-5] be my l[D7]ovin' [G7]baby." [G+]    

S[C]omeb[Dm7]ody l    [Dm]oves [G7]me... [C]    
I wonder w[F7]ho?   
[C]May [C/B] -     [Dm7] be     [G7]it's y[C]ou. [Dm7]    [C]    

Somebody loves me...
I wonder who?
I wonder who she can be.

Somebody loves me -
I wish I knew.
Who she can be worries me.

For ev'ry girl who passes me
I shout, "Hey, maybe
[Am7-5]You were meant to[Am7-5] be my lovin' baby."

Somebody loves me...
I wonder who?
May - be it's you.


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