Somebody kill me

Song Author Adam Sandler Lyrics by: Adam Sandler Performer: Adam Sandler Submitted by: Anonymous
[E]You don't [B7]know how [Asus2]much I need you
[E]While you're [B7]near me [Asus2]I don't feel blue
And [E]when we [B7]kissed I [Asus2]know you need me too
I [E]can't believe I [B7]found a love [Asus2]that's so pure and true

But it [E]all was [B7]BULL   [Asus2]SHIT      
It [E]was a [B7]god damn [Asus2]joke      
And [E]when I [B7]think I'm [Asus2]healing up
I [E]hope you [B7]fuck'in [Asus2]choke      

[E]I hope [B7]that you're glad [Asus2]with what you've done to me
I [E]lay in bed [B7]all day long fee[Asus2]ling melancholy
You [E]left me here [B7]all alone [Asus2]tears running constantly

Oh [E]somebody [B7]kill me [Asus2]please      
[E]Somebody [B7]kill me [Asus2]please      
[E]I'm on my [B7]knees [Asus2]pretty, pretty please
[E]Kill [B7]me !!![Asus2]    

I want to [E]die [B7]    [Asus2]    
Put a bullet in my [E]head [B7]    [Asus2]    

You don't know how much I need you
While you're near me I don't feel blue
And when we kissed I know you need me too
I can't believe I found a love that's so pure and true

But it all was BULLSHIT
It was a god damn joke
And when I think I'm healing up
I hope you fuck'in choke

I hope that you're glad with what you've done to me
I lay in bed all day long feeling melancholy
You left me here all alone tears running constantly

Oh somebody kill me please
Somebody kill me please
I'm on my knees pretty, pretty please
Kill me !!!

I want to die
Put a bullet in my head


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