Somebody Buy Me A Drink

Song Author Oscar Brown Jr. Lyrics by: Oscar Brown Jr. Performer: Oscar Peterson Jr. Submitted by: Anonymous
[E7]The othe[Am]r nigh[G]t, I was on [F7]Skid Row [E7]    
By a li[Am]quor sto[G]re sign's ga[F7]rrish glo[E7]w;   
I s[Am]aw a f[G]ellow I [F7]used to k[E7]now a l[Dm7]ong, long [F7]time [E7]a -    [Am]go.   

[E7]He stood[Am] with the lost[G], with the livi[F7]ng dead[E7],   
With r[Am]umpled c[G]lothes and a r[F7]eeling h[E7]ead,   
Rev[Am]iewing the w[G]asted l[F7]ife he'd l[E7]ead, and [Dm7]as I p[F7]assed [E7]he s   [Am]aid,   

"Let me [Am]tell you a s[G]tory that's [F7]sad but t[E7]rue   
Abo[Am]ut someone w[G]ho just ma[F7]y remind you[E7] of you
Let me t[Am]ell you a [G]tale that may h[F7]elp you aw[E7]ake a woozy [Dm7]head     [Fdim]--      [E7]    
[F7]Somebody [E7]buy me a dr[Am]ink.   

"It b[Am]egins long a[G]go on a [F7]happy [E7]day,   
With a f[Am]ool who was lo[G]ved, but th[F7]rew it all a[E7]way,   
Who excha[Am]nged a good h[G]ome for a [F7]flophouse, a [E7]bar and a p[Dm7]lank     [Fdim]--      [E7]    
[F7]Somebody [E7]buy me a dr[Am]ink.   

"Well, to [Dm]see me to[F7]day, when I have [Am]hit the skids,
[Dm]Who would think I o[F7]nce had a f[Am]ine wife and kids?
Yes, [Dm]I was that [F7]fool, after tr[Am]easure and p[Am7]leasure,
And [Dm]love was just a [F7]game played with[Bm7-5] some other d[E7]ame.   

"Now t[Am]here's only one th[G]ing I [F7]feel certain o[E7]f:   
The [Am]only true [G]treasure in l[F7]ife is l[E7]ove.   
Without s[Am]omeone to l[G]ove and lo[F7]ve you, see how [E7]low you can [Dm7]sink?    [Fdim]    [E7]    
[F7]Somebody [E7]buy me a dr[Am]ink,   
[F7]Somebody, [E7]somebody,[Fdim] buy      [Bm7-5] me       [E7]a dr   [Am]ink."

The other night, I was on Skid Row
By a liquor store sign's garrish glow;
I saw a fellow I used to know a long, long time a - go.

He stood with the lost, with the living dead,
With rumpled clothes and a reeling head,
Reviewing the wasted life he'd lead, and as I passed he said,

"Let me tell you a story that's sad but true
About someone who just may remind you of you
Let me tell you a tale that may help you awake a woozy head --
Somebody buy me a drink.

"It begins long ago on a happy day,
With a fool who was loved, but threw it all away,
Who exchanged a good home for a flophouse, a bar and a plank --
Somebody buy me a drink.

"Well, to see me today, when I have hit the skids,
Who would think I once had a fine wife and kids?
Yes, I was that fool, after treasure and pleasure,
And love was just a game played with[Bm7-5] some other dame.

"Now there's only one thing I feel certain of:
The only true treasure in life is love.
Without someone to love and love you, see how low you can sink?
Somebody buy me a drink,
Somebody, somebody, buy [Bm7-5] me a drink."


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