Some Sunday Morning

Song Author Ted Hoehler , M.K. Jerome og Ray Heindorf Lyrics by: Ted Hoehler , M.K. Jerome og Ray Heindorf Performer: Helen Forrest og Dick Haymes Submitted by: Anonymous
[G]Some [Em]Sund   [D7]ay m   [G]orning [G7]    [C] is [Cdim]going to [C]be,  
[Am7]Some     [D9]Sunday [Am7]morning [D7]    [G] for [Gdim]someone and [G]me.  
[G]Bells [D9]will be c[G]himing [G7] an o[C]ld   [C/B]mel - o - [A7]dy,   
[G]'Spec'ly [Em] for [D9]someone[D7] and [C]me. [Am7]    [G]    

[D9]There'll be an [D7]organ pl[G]aying,
[C]Friends and re[Am7]lations will s[G]tare,
[D9]Say, can't you h[D7]ear 'em s[G]aying,
[C]"Gee, what a b[Am7]eautiful a p[D7]air!"

[G]Some [Em]Sund   [D7]ay m   [G]orning [G7]    [C]we'll[Cdim] walk down the a[C]isle,
[Am7]She'll [D9]be so n[Am7]ervous, [D7]and   [G] I'll [Gdim]try to smile[G],  
T[G]hings [D9]sure look [G]rosy [G7] for [C]someone [C/B] and [A7]me,   
[G]Some [Em]Sunday m[D9]orning,[D7] you'll s[G]ee.  

Some Sunday morning is going to be,
Some Sunday morning for someone and me.
Bells will be chiming an old mel - o - dy,
'Spec'ly for someone and me.

There'll be an organ playing,
Friends and relations will stare,
Say, can't you hear 'em saying,
"Gee, what a beautiful a pair!"

Some Sunday morning we'll walk down the aisle,
She'll be so nervous, and I'll try to smile,
Things sure look rosy for someone and me,
Some Sunday morning, you'll see.


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