So in Love

Song Author Cole Porter Performer: Ella Fitzgerald Submitted by: jonagust

S[Em]trange [Em+5]dear,      [Em]but t[B7]rue, [Cdim]dear,     
[B7]When [Em]I'm c[Em9]lose     [Em]to    [Am]you, [A9]dear,
[Am7]The s    [D9]tars [D7/9]fill      [D9]the s[G]ky,  [G/F#]    [E7]    
[Am7]So i    [Em7]n lo    [Am]ve    [Em7]with     [F#7]you     [Gdim] am      [B7]I.   

[Em]E -    [Em+5]ven w     [Em]ith - [B7]out    [Cdim]you,     
[B7]My a   [Em]rms f[Em9]old     [Em]a -    [Am]bout [A9]you,   
[Am7]You     [D9]know,[D7/9] dar - l[D9]ing, w[G]hy -- [E7]    
[Am7]So     [Em7]in l    [Am]ove    [Am7]with     [D9]you   [D7/9] am      [G]I.  

[G7]In    [Am]love with the n[D9]ight [Am7]mys - [G]ter -[Am7] i - o[G]us,  
[G/F#]The n     [C]ight [C/B]when you f[D9]irst [Cdim]were t     [G]here. [G/F#]    
[Em7]In l    [Am]ove    [A9]with   [Am7] my j    [D9]oy    [Am7] de - [G]lir [Am7]- i - o[G]us,  
W[B7]hen I [Em]knew [Em7]that     [Em6]you     [F#7]could c[B7]are.   

So t[Em]aunt   [Em+5] me,      [Em]and h[B7]urt   [Cdim] me,     
[B7]De - c[Em]eive [Em9]me,     [Em]de - s[Am]ert    [A9]me,   
[Am7]I'm     [D9]yours[D7/9] till      [D9]I d   [Dm6]ie,     [E7]    
[Am7]So     [Em7]in l    [Am]ove    [Am7]with     [D9]you, [A7]my l   [Am7]ove,    [Cdim] am      [G]I.  

Strange dear, but true, dear,
When I'm close to you, dear,
The stars fill the sky,
So in love with you am I.

E - ven with - out you,
My arms fold a - bout you,
You know, dar - ling, why --
So in love with you am I.

In love with the night mys - ter - i - ous,
The night when you first were there.
In love with my joy de - lir - i - ous,
When I knew that you could care.

So taunt me, and hurt me,
De - ceive me, de - sert me,
I'm yours till I die,
So in love with you, my love, am I.


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