So Do I

Song Author Ian Grant og Theo Mackenben Performer: Kenny Ball Submitted by: jonagust

[D]You [G/B]like     [Am]mu - [E7]sic    [Bm7-5]that s      [Am7]wings, [E7]so    [Fdim] do      [Am7] I;     [D7]    
[Am7]You l    [D7]ike f[G]low'rs[Am7] in     [D7]the sp[G]ring, [G5]so    [D7/9] do      [G]I,  
A[G7]nd you l[C]ike to [Am7]run ar[D7]ound [Cdim]with your f[G]eet [G/F#]off the g[Em7]round    
[G]And to f[A]eel l[Em7]ife is r[A]eal --[Edim] so do [D]I. [Gdim]    [D7]    

[D]You [G/B]like     [Am]Jazz [E7]more   [Bm7-5] than L      [Am7]iszt, [E7]so    [Fdim(iii)] do           [Am7] I;     [D7]    
[Am7]And y    [D7]ou l   [G]ike  [Am7] to     [D7]be k   [G]issed --[G5] so   [D7/9] do     [G] I.  
[G7]So it m[C]ust be p[C/B]lain to [Cdim]see      [Edim]that you've g[G]otta [G/F#]marry      [E7/9] me     
[E7]And as [C]you [C/B]say "I [Am]do"    [Cdim] so do [G]I. [(edim]    [D7)]    

You like mu - sic [Bm7-5]that swings, so do I;
You like flow'rs in the spring, so do I,
And you like to run around with your feet off the ground
And to feel life is real -- so do I.

You like Jazz more[Bm7-5] than Liszt, so [Fdim(III)] do I;
And you like to be kissed -- so do I.
So it must be plain to see that you've gotta marry me
And as you say "I do" so do I. [(Edim] [D7)]


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