S[A]now, s[E7]now, s[D9]now, [Fdim]snow, s[A]now -
[A]It   [E7]won't [D9]be l   [A]ong be[D9]fore w[E7]e'll [Am7]all     [F#m]be th    [D9]ere    [C#m7-5] with s       [F#7]now;    
[Bm7-5]Snow,       [E7/9]snow, I wanna wa[D]sh  [Cdim] my ha     [A]nds, my f[F#m]ace and ha[D9]ir wi[E7]th sn[A]ow.  
A E7 D9 A D9 E7 AM7 F#m D9 C#m7-5 AM7 F#7
Snow...I long to clear a path, and lift a spade of snow;
[Bm7-5]Snow,       [E7]oh, to [D]see [E7]a gr   [D]eat  [Cdim] big m     [A]an en[F#m]tirely [E7/6]made      [E7]of sn[A]ow.  

[E7]Snow, [A]where it's s[Cdim]nowing     [Bm7-7] all winter th[E7]rough,
T[D9]hat's where I [Cdim]want to [A]be;  
[F#m]Snowball throwing,[C#m7-5] that's what I'll [D9]do;   
[Bm7-5]How I'm lo[B7]nging to [E7]ski t[Cdim]hrough [E7]the   

S[A]now, s[E7]now, s[D9]now, [Fdim]snow, s[A]now,
[A]Those gl[E7]ist'ni[D9]ng h   [A]ou - s[D9]es t   [E7]hat    [Am7]seem     [D9]to    [A]be   [F#m]built    [C#m7-5] of s       [F#]now;   
[Bm7-5]Snow, o      [E7]h, to s[D]ee   [Fdim] a m     [E7]ountain c[D]overed w[E7]ith a q[Fdim]uilt of s[A]now.

[E7]What is C[Fdim]hristmas with [A]no sn[A7]ow?   
[E7]No white [Fdim]Christmas with [A]no s[E7]now.   

S[A]now..[D9]. [Fdim]    [A]    
I'll[C#m7-5] soon be th[E7]ere with snow, I'll [Cdim]wash my [Am7]hair with snow,
And[Bm7-5] with a sp[F#7]ade of snow, I'll[C#m7-5] build a       [F#7] man     [C#m7-5]that's m       [B]ade of snow;
I'd[Bm7-5] like to s[E7]tay up [Cdim]with you, [E7]but I[Bm7-5] recomm      [E7]end a [Cdim]little [E7]shut-eye --
[Fdim]Go to      [F#7]sleep, and d[E7]ream [D9]of s   [A]now, s[D9]now, s[Dm6]now, s[A]now.

Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow -
It won't be long before we'll all be there [C#m7-5] with snow;
[Bm7-5]Snow, snow, I wanna wash my hands, my face and hair with snow.
A E7 D9 A D9 E7 AM7 F#m D9 C#m7-5 AM7 F#7
Snow...I long to clear a path, and lift a spade of snow;
[Bm7-5]Snow, oh, to see a great big man entirely made of snow.

Snow, where it's snowing[Bm7-7] all winter through,
That's where I want to be;
Snowball throwing,[C#m7-5] that's what I'll do;
[Bm7-5]How I'm longing to ski through the

Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow,
Those glist'ning hou - ses that seem to be built[C#m7-5] of snow;
[Bm7-5]Snow, oh, to see a mountain covered with a quilt of snow.

What is Christmas with no snow?
No white Christmas with no snow.

I'll[C#m7-5] soon be there with snow, I'll wash my hair with snow,
And[Bm7-5] with a spade of snow, I'll[C#m7-5] build a man [C#m7-5]that's made of snow;
I'd[Bm7-5] like to stay up with you, but I[Bm7-5] recommend a little shut-eye --
Go to sleep, and dream of snow, snow, snow, snow.


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