Sing For Your Supper

Song Author Lorenz Hart og Richard Rodgers Lyrics by: Lorenz Hart og Richard Rodgers Performer: The Mamas And The Papas Submitted by: Anonymous
[C]Sing for your [G]supper, and y[Am]ou'll [Cdim]get br     [Em]eakfast;
[C7]Songbirds always [F]eat [Dm7]if their[Dm7/G] song is s[G]weet[Fdim] to h     [C]ear. [Cdim]    [Dm7]    [G]    

[C]Sing for your [G]luncheon, and [Am]you'll[Cdim] get d     [Em]inner.
[C7]Dine with wine of cho[F]ice [Dm7]if ro    [Dm7/G]mance is [G]in your v[C]oice.

[C7]I he   [F]ard from a [G]wise [F]ca - [Em]na - [Em7]ry    
[Em]Tril - ling m[B7]akes a [Em]fel - low w[B+]il - ling,
[F]So, lit - tle s[G]wal - low, [G+]swal - low n[C]ow.  
[Fm]Now is the [G]time [G+]to   

[C]Sing for your [G]supper, and [Am]you'll[Cdim] get b     [Em]reakfast.
[C7]Songbirds are not d[F]umb,[Dm7] they [Dm7/G]don't buy a [G]crumb
Of b[C]read,[E7] it's s[A7]aid,   
So s[F]ing and y[G]ou'll be f[C]ed.  

Sing for your supper, and you'll get breakfast;
Songbirds always eat if their song is sweet to hear.

Sing for your luncheon, and you'll get dinner.
Dine with wine of choice if romance is in your voice.

I heard from a wise ca - na - ry
Tril - ling makes a fel - low wil - ling,
So, lit - tle swal - low, swal - low now.
Now is the time to

Sing for your supper, and you'll get breakfast.
Songbirds are not dumb, they don't buy a crumb
Of bread, it's said,
So sing and you'll be fed.


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