Since You Broke My Heart

Song Author Don Everly Performer: The Everly Brothers Submitted by: Anonymous

[C]They say the [F]blues went out of [C]style
To cry is to [F]act just like a [C]child
[F]Smile each day that we're [C]apart
[G7]But I kind of [F]feel I never [E7]will   
[G7]Since you broke me [C]heart

They say the [F]best ways not to [C]care
Just play a few [F]hands of soli[C]taire
[F]Read a book or study [C]art  
[G7]All the [F]remedies don't work for [E7]me   
[G7]Since you broke my [C]heart

They say the blues went out of style
To cry is to act just like a child
Smile each day that we're apart
But I kind of feel I never will
Since you broke me heart

They say the best ways not to care
Just play a few hands of solitaire
Read a book or study art
All the remedies don't work for me
Since you broke my heart


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