Since I Fell For You

Song Author Buddy Johnson Performer: Lenny Welch Submitted by: jonagust

[E6]    [C#m7-5]    [F#7]    [B7]    
When you just g[E9]ive love,[C#m7-5] and never [A6]get love, [B7]    
You'd better [E9]let love [Cdim] dep[A9]art [B7]    
I k[E6]now it's so [Gdim] and [Am7]yet I k[Am7]now,    
I [Edim]can't      [Gdim]get you [C#m7-5] out of       [Gdim] my h     [B7]eart   

Y[E]ou [E6]    [A6] made me l[B7]eave my happy ho[E]me, [E6]    [A]    
Took my lo[Em]ve and now you're g[A]one [Am7]    [F#7]    
Since I [B7]fell for y[E]ou. [C#m]    [F#m7]    [B7]    

L[E]ove [E6]    [A6] brings such m[B7]isery and [E]pain, [E6]    [A]    
I know I'll [Em]never fall a[A]gain**[Am7]    [F#7]    
Since I f[B7]ell for y[E]ou. [A]    [Am]    [E]    [E7]    

Well, it'[A7/6]s too bad, [A7] and it's[A7/6] too sad, [A7]    
But I[E]'m in l[A]ove with y[E]ou; [E7]    
You [A7/6]love me,[A7] then you [A7/6]snub me - [A7]    
But w[E]hat can I[C#m] do? [F#m7]I'm still in lo[B7]ve with you.

[E]I [E6]    [A6] guess I'll n[B7]ever see the l[E]ight; [E6]    [A]    
I get the [Em]blues most ev'ry n[A]ight [Am7]    [F#7]    
Since I [B7]fell for y[E]ou, [C#m]    [F#m7]    [B7]    
Since I [B7]fell for y[E]ou. [A]    [Cdim]    [E]    

When you just give love,[C#m7-5] and never get love,
You'd better let love depart
I know it's so and yet I know,
I can't get you [C#m7-5] out of my heart

You made me leave my happy home,
Took my love and now you're gone
Since I fell for you.

Love brings such misery and pain,
I know I'll never fall again**
Since I fell for you.

Well, it's too bad, and it's too sad,
But I'm in love with you;
You love me, then you snub me -
But what can I do? I'm still in love with you.

I guess I'll never see the light;
I get the blues most ev'ry night
Since I fell for you,
Since I fell for you.


  • E6
  • F#7
  • B7
  • E9
  • A6
  • Cdim
  • A9
  • Gdim
  • Am7
  • Am7
  • Edim
  • E
  • A
  • Em
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  • Am
  • E7
  • A7/6
  • A7

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