Saint Louis Blues

Song Author W.C. Handy Performer: Lena Horne Submitted by: jonagust

[E]I hate to see [A] that evenin' [A7]sun    [A6]go d   [E]own,
[A]I hate to[A7] see that evenin'[Gdim] sun      [Cdim] go do     [E]wn,  
[B7]'Cause my baby, he has [B7/F#]left this t[E]own. [Edim]    [B7]    

If I'm f[E]eelin' tomorrow [A] like I f[A7]eel    [A6]toda   [E]y,  
If I'm f[A]eelin' to[A7]morrow like I [Gdim]feel      [Cdim] to - d[E]ay,  
I'll [B7]pack my trunk[B7/F#] and make my get-a[E]way. [Edim]    [B7]    

[Em]Saint Louis [Am7]woman, [Em]with all her d[C]iamond r[B7]ings, [C]    [B7]    
[B7]Stole that man of [Cdim]mine [B7] by her [Am7]apron st[Em]rings. [F#7]    [B7]    
If it [Em]wasn't for p[Am7]owder    [Em] and her st[C]ore-bought h[B7]air, [C]    [B7]    
The [B7]man I l[Cdim]ove      [B7] wouldn't'a [Am7]gone nowhere, now[Em]here. [F#7]    [B7]    

[B7]Got the S[E]aint [Em]Louie[E] Blues, [Em]just   [E] as blue [Em]    [E] as I[Edim] can      [E]be;  
That [A]man's [A6]got a h[A7]eart like a rock cast[Gdim] in      [Cdim]the s     [E]ea,  
[Edim] Or e     [B7]lse he w[B7/F#]ouldn't have go[A]ne so [Gdim]far f     [Cdim]rom me     [E].  

[B7]I lo   [E]ve   [Em]    [E]that man [Em]    [E]like a schoolboy l[E]ove  [E]s   [Edim]his p     [E]ie,  
Like a [A]Kentuc[A6]ky C   [A7]olonel loves his [Gdim]rocker [Cdim]and ry     [E]e,  
[Edim]Gonna l[B7]ove that[B7/F#] man t[A]il the[Gdim] day      [Cdim] I d     [E]ie.  

I hate to see that evenin' sun go down,
I hate to see that evenin' sun go down,
'Cause my baby, he has left this town.

If I'm feelin' tomorrow like I feel today,
If I'm feelin' tomorrow like I feel to - day,
I'll pack my trunk and make my get-away.

Saint Louis woman, with all her diamond rings,
Stole that man of mine by her apron strings.
If it wasn't for powder and her store-bought hair,
The man I love wouldn't'a gone nowhere, nowhere.

Got the Saint Louie Blues, just as blue as I can be;
That man's got a heart like a rock cast in the sea,
Or else he wouldn't have gone so far from me.

I love that man like a schoolboy loves his pie,
Like a Kentucky Colonel loves his rocker and rye,
Gonna love that man til the day I die.


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