Song Author Ken Hensley Lyrics by: Ken Hensley Performer: Uriah Heep Submitted by: gilsi
[C]    [Em]    [F]    [Am]    [C]    [Em]    [F]    [Am]    [G]    [F]    [G]    [C]    [Am]    [G]    
[C]It's raining [Em]outside, t[F]hat's not u[Am]nusual
[C]but the way that I'm [Em]feeling's be[F]coming [Am]usual[G]    
[F]I guess you could sa[G]y  
the [C]clouds are moving [Am]away...
[G]away from your [G]days, and [F7]into mi[C]ne  

[C]    [Bb]    [Ab]    [C]    
[C]Now it's raining in[Em]side and [F]that's a sh[Am]ame   
[C]and it's getting [Em]to me...[F]a happy [Am]man    [G]    
[F]Why would would [G]want to [C]waste all my [Am]time?
[G]The world is yours, but[F7] I am [C]mine

[C]Rain, rain, [F]rain
[G]in my [C]tears
[C]measuring caref[F]ully
[G]my   [C]years
[C]shame, shame, [F]shame
[G]in my [Em]mind   
[Eb]see what you've [Dm]done to my [C]life

It's raining outside, that's not unusual
but the way that I'm feeling's becoming usual
I guess you could say
the clouds are moving away...
away from your days, and into mine

Now it's raining inside and that's a shame
and it's getting to me...a happy man
Why would would want to waste all my time?
The world is yours, but I am mine

Rain, rain, rain
in my tears
measuring carefully
my years
shame, shame, shame
in my mind
see what you've done to my life


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