Rags To Riches

Song Author Richard Adler og Jerry Ross Lyrics by: Richard Adler og Jerry Ross Performer: Tony Bennett Submitted by: Anonymous
[D]I k  [F#m]now I'd [Bm]go from [Bm7/E]rags to ri[G]ches [G/F#]    [Em7]    [Em6]    
[A]If   [Em]you would [Edim]only      [G/B]say you c[D]are; [F#m]    [B7]    
And [Cdim]though my [B7]pocket[Cdim] may be [Em]empty,[B+]    [Em7]    [Em6]    [A]    
I'd [Em7]be a     [A]mil - [Edim]lion - a[D]ire. [Bm7]    [A7]    

[D]My   [F#m]clothes may s[Bm]till be [Bm7/E]torn and t[G]attere[G/F#]d,      [Em7]    [Em6]    
[A]But [Em]in my [Edim]heart I'd [G/B]be a ki[D]ng; [F#m]    [B7]    
Your [Cdim]love is a[B7]ll that [Cdim]ever      [Em]mattered [B+]--    [Em7]    [Em6]    [A]    
[A]It's [Em7]ev -     [Cdim]'ry - t[A7]hing.

[A7+5] So      [D9]o -    [F#m]pen your a[Bm]rms   [Bm7/E] and you'll [A]open [Em7]the d    [A7]oor   
[Em7] To     [Edim]ev' - ry t[A7]reasure t[G]hat I[D]'m   [G]hopin' f[D]or;  
[D9]Hold   [F#m] me and k[Bm]iss   [Bm7/E] me and t[A]ell [Em7]me you're [A7]mine   [Em7] ev - [A7]er m   [D]ore.

[D]Mus  [F#m]t I for[Bm]ever   [Bm7/E] be a b[G]eggar [G/F#]    [Em7]    [Em6]    
[A]Whose g[Em]olden [Edim]dreams will [G/B]not come t[D]rue? [F#m]    [B7]    
Or [Cdim]will I [B7]go from [Cdim]rags to r[Em]iches? [B+]    [Em7]    [Em6]    [A]    
[A]My   [Em7]fate     [A]is  [A7/6] up      [A7]to y   [D]ou.  [G]    [D]    

I know I'd go from rags to riches
If you would only say you care;
And though my pocket may be empty,
I'd be a mil - lion - aire.

My clothes may still be torn and tattered,
But in my heart I'd be a king;
Your love is all that ever mattered --
It's ev - 'ry - thing.

So o - pen your arms and you'll open the door
To ev' - ry treasure that I'm hopin' for;
Hold me and kiss me and tell me you're mine ev - er more.

Must I forever be a beggar
Whose golden dreams will not come true?
Or will I go from rags to riches?
My fate is up to you.


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