Pull Me Within

Song Author The Midst of Autumn Submitted by: Anonymous
[Em]Sinking D[C]own I need [G]an angel from [D]above
[Em]Or could [C]it be this i[G] just need you[D]r love
[Em]Can you h[C]elp me, find[G] my way through[D] the storm
[Em]i'm in ne[C]ed of a shin[G]ing light[D]    
[Em]to help me[C] throug[G]h thi[D]s C  [C]old,[D] Dark[Em] War   
[Em]I'm re[C]aching o[D]ut  
[Em]Trying to[C] grab m[D]y hand
[Em]My head is[C] full of d[D]oubt
[Em]So you pul[C]l me with[D]in  

Sinking Down I need an angel from above
Or could it be this i just need your love
Can you help me, find my way through the storm
i'm in need of a shining light
to help me through this Cold, Dark War
I'm reaching out
Trying to grab my hand
My head is full of doubt
So you pull me within


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