Portrait Of My Love

Song Author David West og Cyril Ornadel Performer: Steve Lawrence Submitted by: Anonymous

[C]There could [Dm7]never [G7]be   
A p[Am]ortrait of my l[Fm]ove   
For [C]nobo[C/B]dy could [Am7]paint    [Dm7] a dr    [G7]eam. [C]    [Am7]    [Dm7]    [G7]    

[C]You will [Dm7]never s[G7]ee   
A [Am]portrait of my l[Fm]ove   
For m[C]iracl[Am]es are [Dm7]nev - [G7]er s   [C]een. [F]    [C]    [C7]    

[Gdim]Any o     [A7]ne who s[Dm]ees her [Dm+7]    
[Cdim]Soon for[B7]gets the [Em]Mo-   [Em7]na     [Dm7]Li-s    [G]a.  

[C]It would [Dm7]take, I k[G7]now,   
[Am]    [Fm]    
[A]    [Michelangelo,]    
And h[C]e would n[Am]eed the [Dm]glow of d[G]awn  
That p[Em]aints the [Em7]sky ab[Am]ove [Am+7]    
To t[Dm7]ry and [Em]paint a[Em7] portrait[Dm7] of     [G7]my lo[C]ve.  

There could never be
A portrait of my love
For nobody could paint a dream.

You will never see
A portrait of my love
For miracles are nev - er seen.

Any one who sees her
Soon forgets the Mo-na Li-sa.

It would take, I know,

And he would need the glow of dawn
That paints the sky above
To try and paint a portrait of my love.


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