Song Author Johnny Burke og Jimmy Van Heusen Lyrics by: Johnny Burke og Jimmy Van Heusen Performer: Tommy Dorsey og Frank Sinatra Submitted by: Anonymous
[D]A   [Em7]coun - [A7]try d[D]ance was [F#m]being h[G]eld  [G/F#] in a      [A7/6]gar -      [A7]den;   
[D]I   [Em7]felt     [A7]a b   [D]ump and h[B7]eard an "[G]Oh, [G/F#]beg your p[F#7]ardon."
[Bm]Suddenly I [Bm7]saw     [D]pol [D9alt]- ka d      [D]ots and [F#7]moon - [B7]beams
[Em7]All a - r[G]ound a [A7]pug-   [A7/9]nosed dr[D]eam.[Fdim]    [A7]    [A7+5]    

T[D]he   [Em7]mu - s[A7]ic st[D]arted, [F#m]and was [G]I   [G/F#]the per - p[A7/6]lexed      [A7]one;   
[D]I   [Em7]held     [A7]my b   [D]reath, and sa[B7]id "May I[G] ha  [G/F#]ve the ne[F#7]xt one?"
[Bm]In my frigh - tened [Bm7]arms p[D]ol -[D9alt] ka do      [D]ts and [F#7]moon - b[B7]eams   
[Em7]Spar - kled [G]on a [A7]pug-   [A7/9]nosed dr[D]eam. [G#m7]    [C#7]    

There were [F#]questions [Ebm7] in the [G#m7]eyes of other [C#7]dancers
As we [F#]floated[Ebm7] over the [G#m7]floor; [C#]    
There were q[F#]uestions, [Ebm7] but my [G#m7]heart knew all the [C#]answers
[F#]And per[B7]haps a [Em7]few things m[A7]ore.   

[D]Now  [Em7] in     [A7]a c   [D]ot - tage, [F#m]built of [G]li - [G/F#]lacs and [A7/6]laugh - [A7]ter,   
[D]I   [Em7]know     [A7]the    [D]mean - ing [B7]of the wo[G]rds: [G/F#]"e - ver [F#7]af - ter."
[Bm]And I'll al - ways [Bm7]see p    [D]ol -[D9alt] ka d      [D]ots and [F#7]moon - b[B7]eams   
[Em7]When I k[G]iss my p[A7]ug-n   [A7/9]osed dre[D]am.  

A coun - try dance was being held in a gar - den;
I felt a bump and heard an "Oh, beg your pardon."
Suddenly I saw pol - ka dots and moon - beams
All a - round a pug-nosed dream.

The mu - sic started, and was I the per - plexed one;
I held my breath, and said "May I have the next one?"
In my frigh - tened arms pol - ka dots and moon - beams
Spar - kled on a pug-nosed dream.

There were questions in the eyes of other dancers
As we floated over the floor;
There were questions, but my heart knew all the answers
And perhaps a few things more.

Now in a cot - tage, built of li - lacs and laugh - ter,
I know the mean - ing of the words: "e - ver af - ter."
And I'll al - ways see pol - ka dots and moon - beams
When I kiss my pug-nosed dream.


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