Please Don´t Talk About Me When I´m Gone

Song Author Clare og Palmer Performer: Arlo Guthrie Submitted by: jonagust

[C]Please don't talk a[E7]bout me when I'm [A7]gone, [A7sus4]    [A7]    
[D9]Though our fr[D7]iendship [G]ceases [G+]from now [C]on. [Fdim(iii)]    [G7]    
[C]If you can't say an[E7]ything that's [A7]nice, [A7+5]    [A7]    
Then [D9]best don't t[D7]alk at a[G]ll – t[G+]hat's[C] my advice,

[E7]You go your way, I'll go mine,
[A7]It's best that we do,
[D9]Here's a kiss -- I [D7]hope that this
Brings [G]lots of [D7]luck to [G7]you.   [G7+5]    

[C]Makes no difference [E7]how I carry [D7]on,   
[D9]Please don't[D7] talk ab[G]out me w[G+]hen I'm g[C]one.

Please don't talk about me when I'm gone,
Though our friendship ceases from now on. [Fdim(III)]
If you can't say anything that's nice,
Then best don't talk at all – that's my advice,

You go your way, I'll go mine,
It's best that we do,
Here's a kiss -- I hope that this
Brings lots of luck to you.

Makes no difference how I carry on,
Please don't talk about me when I'm gone.


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