Please Call Me, Baby

Song Author Tom Waits Lyrics by: Tom Waits Performer: Tom Waits Submitted by: cazteclo
[C]    [Dm7]    [C/E]    [F]    [Bm7]    [E7]    [Am7]    [Gsus4]    [C7]    
[Am7]    [D7]    [Dm7]    [F/G]    [C]    [Dm7]    [C7]    [G7]    [C]    
[C]The Eve[Dm7]ning fell just [C/E]like a s[Fm7]tar    
[Bm7]And Left a trail be[E7]hind   
[Am7]You Spit as you s[G7sus4]lammed out the [Bb9]door [C#7]    
[C]If th[Dm7]is is love [C/E]we're cra[Fm7]zy    

[Bm7]As we fight like cats and do[E7]gs   
[Am7]I know there is [G7sus4]got to be more[Bb7]    

[Am7]    [D7]    [F/G]    
[C]So pleas[Dm7]e call me[Em7] baby [F]    
[Bm7]Wherever you a[E7]re   

It's too c[Am7]old to be out w[G7sus4]alkin in the streets [Bb9]    [C#7]    
[C]We do crazy t[Dm7]hings when were wo[Em7]unded [F]every o[Bm7]nes a b[E7]it insan[Am7]e    
[C]I don't want you ca[Cm9]tchin your d[C/E]eath of cold[Fm7]    
Out wal[Dm7]kin in th[F/G]e rain

The Evening fell just like a star
And Left a trail behind
You Spit as you slammed out the door
If this is love we're crazy

As we fight like cats and dogs
I know there is got to be more

So please call me baby
Wherever you are

It's too cold to be out walkin in the streets
We do crazy things when were wounded every ones a bit insane
I don't want you catchin your death of cold
Out walkin in the rain


  • C
  • Dm7
  • C/E
  • F
  • Bm7
  • E7
  • Am7
  • Gsus4
  • C7
  • D7
  • F/G
  • G7
  • Fm7
  • G7sus4
  • Bb9
  • C#7
  • Bb7
  • Em7
  • Cm9

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