Peg O My Heart

Song Author Alfred Bryan og Fred Fisher Performer: The Harmonicats Submitted by: jonagust

[G]Peg o' [G6]my h   [Gm7]eart,    [G6] I l   [G]ove [Em]you;   
[A7]We'll [Em]never p[A7]art    [Em]    [A7] for I l[Em]ove    [A]you.
[Am7]Dear little [D7]girl, s[Am7]weet little g[D7]irl,   
[G]Sweeter [G/F#]than the [Em]Rose of [Bm7]Erin,    
[Am7]It's the [Gdim]shamrock [Am7]we'll be [Cdim]sharing.

[G]Peg o' [G6]my h   [Gm7]eart, [G6]your g[G]lan - [Em]ces   
[A7]My    [Em]I - rish [A7]heart[Em]    [A7] en - t[Em]ran -[A] ces;
[Am7]Come be my [D9]own, [Am7]come make your h[D7]ome in[Am7] my he[G]art.

Peg o' my heart, I love you;
We'll never part for I love you.
Dear little girl, sweet little girl,
Sweeter than the Rose of Erin,
It's the shamrock we'll be sharing.

Peg o' my heart, your glan - ces
My I - rish heart en - tran - ces;
Come be my own, come make your home in my heart.


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