One Night In Las Vegas

Song Author Chely Wright Submitted by: Anonymous
[G]    [C]    [Em]    [D]    [C]    
Flight 7[G]09 pulled [D]up to the gate
An h[Em]our and [D]45 m[C]inutes late
And of co[G]urse our connection was alr[D]eady in the air
Spent a [Em]day of our vac[D]ation in C[C]hicago O'Hare
And like m[D]usical chairs at the [Dsus]baggage b[D]elt  
We were the l[C]ast ones standin' there when n[G]othin' came out
[D]Looking back now on our s[Dsus]tring of bad l[D]uck  
That just w[C]asn't our day but y[D]ou know what

That [G]one night in Las V[C]egas
[D]Lyin' there with [G]you  
Was well worth e[D]veryth[C]ing that y[D]ou and I went t[G]hrough

[G]    [C]    [Em]    [D]    [C]    
And [G]so it goes, our l[D]ife's been that way
[Em]Puttin' out f[D]ires, takin' it [C]day by day
And l[G]ook at this year, it's[D] been our hardest one yet
Just when we t[Em]hought it had g[D]otten bad as [C]it could get
You got [D]transferred to Denver,[Dsus] I stayed beh[D]ind  
Put the h[C]ouse on the market 'bout went o[G]utta my mind
And your [D]dad got sick, I've never [Dsus]seen you so s[D]cared
We al[C]most didn't make it t[D]hrough the year

But that [G]weekend in the m[C]ountains
In a [D]cabin all by ours[G]elves
Makin' t[D]hat one m[C]emory made u[D]p for everything e[G]lse  

Oooh [Em]me and my in[A]securities
[D]You and your stubborn p[G]ride
If w[C]e've learned anything it's there's no w[D]inner when we fight [E]    

So this m[A]ornin' in our k[D]itchen
After t[E]alkin' all night l[A]ong  
We [A]finally s[E]topped tryin' to f[D]igure out who's r[E]ight and who is w[A]rong
And when you h[A]old me like you're h[D]oldin' me
And I [E]kiss your tired f[A]ace  
We know we t[E]ook the l[D]ong way here but wound [E]up in a better p[A]lace
Baby [A]one night in Las V[D]egas
Or one [A]weekend [F#m]in the m[D]ountains
Any m[A]oment [F#m]we're tog[D]ether makes [E]up for everything e[A]lse  

[A]    [D]    [F#m]    [E]    [D]    [A]    

Flight 709 pulled up to the gate
An hour and 45 minutes late
And of course our connection was already in the air
Spent a day of our vacation in Chicago O'Hare
And like musical chairs at the baggage belt
We were the last ones standin' there when nothin' came out
Looking back now on our string of bad luck
That just wasn't our day but you know what

That one night in Las Vegas
Lyin' there with you
Was well worth everything that you and I went through

And so it goes, our life's been that way
Puttin' out fires, takin' it day by day
And look at this year, it's been our hardest one yet
Just when we thought it had gotten bad as it could get
You got transferred to Denver, I stayed behind
Put the house on the market 'bout went outta my mind
And your dad got sick, I've never seen you so scared
We almost didn't make it through the year

But that weekend in the mountains
In a cabin all by ourselves
Makin' that one memory made up for everything else

Oooh me and my insecurities
You and your stubborn pride
If we've learned anything it's there's no winner when we fight

So this mornin' in our kitchen
After talkin' all night long
We finally stopped tryin' to figure out who's right and who is wrong
And when you hold me like you're holdin' me
And I kiss your tired face
We know we took the long way here but wound up in a better place
Baby one night in Las Vegas
Or one weekend in the mountains
Any moment we're together makes up for everything else


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