Song Author Ted Harris Performer: Ferlin Husky Submitted by: Anonymous

[G]I was foolish [C]once
[D7]And I let my once get [G]away
I was happy [C]once
[D7]You'd never believe it [G]today
I got careless [C]once
[D7]All at once you got [G]away

Life had beauty [C]once
[D7]It's not worth living [G]today
I slipped out [C]once
[D7]All at once you slipped [G]away

[D7]All great regret like the [G]flavor of wine
[A7]Only grows deeper with the [D7]passing of time

[G]Life had meaning [C]once
[D7]It's cold and so empty [G]today
I was foolish [C]once
[D7]I let my once get [G]away

I was foolish once
And I let my once get away
I was happy once
You'd never believe it today
I got careless once
All at once you got away

Life had beauty once
It's not worth living today
I slipped out once
All at once you slipped away

All great regret like the flavor of wine
Only grows deeper with the passing of time

Life had meaning once
It's cold and so empty today
I was foolish once
I let my once get away


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