Non Dimenticar

Song Author Michele Galdieri og P. G. Redi Performer: Nat King Cole Submitted by: jonagust

[D]Non di - m[D9]en - ti - [Dm7]car    
Means [D6]don't for[F#m]get you [B7]are my[Em7] dar - l[A7]ing; [Cdim]    
[Em7]Don't for[G/B]get to [A9]be    [Em7]all you [A7+5]mean to [D]me. [Cdim]    [Em7]    [A7-9]    

[D]Non di - m[D9]en - ti - [Dm7]car    
My [D6]love is [F#m]like a s[B7]tar, my [Em7]dar - li[A7]ng, [Cdim]    
[Em7]Shining bright and cl[A9]ear    [Em7]    [A7]    [Em7]just bec[A7]ause you're [D]near. [Dm7]    

[D7]Please do not for[Am7]get t    [D7]hat our lips have [Am7]met    
[D7]And I've [D7+5]held you [G]tight, [Gm7]Dear; [G]    [G6]    [G5]    
[Em7]Was it [Cdim]dreams a -[Bm7] go     [E7] my heart [Cdim]felt this [Bm7-5]glow,      
Or[E7] only just to[Em7]night, [A7]dear?

[D]Non di - m[D9]en - ti - [Dm7]car    
Alth[D6]ough you [F#m]travel f[B7]ar, my [Em7]dar - l[A7]ing, [Cdim]    
[E7]It's my heart you o[A9]wn,    [Em7]so I'll wait a[A9]lone,

First Time:
[Em7]Non di - [Gm]men -[A7-9] ti -      [D]car. [Bm7]    [Em7]    [A7-9]    

Last Time:
[Em7]Non di - [Gm]men -[A7-9] ti - c[D]ar. [G]    [Gdim]    [D9]    

Non di - men - ti - car
Means don't forget you are my dar - ling;
Don't forget to be all you mean to me. [A7-9]

Non di - men - ti - car
My love is like a star, my dar - ling,
Shining bright and clear just because you're near.

Please do not forget that our lips have met
And I've held you tight, Dear;
Was it dreams a - go my heart felt this [Bm7-5]glow,
Or only just tonight, dear?

Non di - men - ti - car
Although you travel far, my dar - ling,
It's my heart you own, so I'll wait alone,

First Time:
Non di - men -[A7-9] ti - car. [A7-9]

Last Time:
Non di - men -[A7-9] ti - car.


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