No Love, No Nothin

Song Author Harry Warren og Leo Robin Lyrics by: Harry Warren og Leo Robin Performer: Ella Mae Morse Submitted by: Anonymous
[E7/6]No l     [A]ove,[F#m] no n[Bm7]othin' [E7]    [A] until my [F#7]baby comes h[D]ome  
[Cdim]No      [A7]sir, [F#m] no n[D9]oth - i[D]n' as l[A]ong as [A7]baby must r[D]oam  
[E7]I pr   [Am7]omised [F#m]him I'd w[D9]ait for [Dm6]him     [Fdim]till      [A]even[Bm7-5] Hades f[A]roze
I'm [F#m]lonesome, [B7]Heaven k[F#m]nows,    
[Cdim]But w     [D]hat I [F#m]said still g[E7]oes.   

[E7/6] No l     [A]ove,[F#m] no n[Bm7]othin' [E7]    [A] and that's a p[F#7]romise I'll [D]keep;
[Cdim] No f     [A7]un    [F#m] with [D9]no o   [D]ne,  [A] I'm g[A7]ettin' p[F#m]lenty of sl[D]eep.
[Fdim] My h     [F#m]eart's on [Cdim]strike and [D9]though it's l[A]ike an [A6]emp - [A]ty hon - [A9]ey - c[F#7]omb,    
[Edim] No l     [F#m]ove,    [Cdim] no      [Bm7]sir,    [Fdim] no n     [E7]othin' t[D9]ill my [E7/6]baby      [Bm7-5]comes h      [A]ome.

No love, no nothin' until my baby comes home
No sir, no noth - in' as long as baby must roam
I promised him I'd wait for him till even[Bm7-5] Hades froze
I'm lonesome, Heaven knows,
But what I said still goes.

No love, no nothin' and that's a promise I'll keep;
No fun with no one, I'm gettin' plenty of sleep.
My heart's on strike and though it's like an emp - ty hon - ey - comb,
No love, no sir, no nothin' till my baby [Bm7-5]comes home.


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