Nevertheless (I´m In Love With You)

Song Author Bert Kalmar og Harry Ruby Lyrics by: Bert Kalmar og Harry Ruby Performer: Frank Sinatra Submitted by: Anonymous
[C]Maybe I'm right, and m[Cdim]aybe I'm wrong,
[G7]Maybe I'm weak, and [Gm6]maybe I'm[A7+] strong,
But n[A7]everthel[Dm]ess I[A7]'m    [A+]in l   [D7]ove w[G7]ith y[C]ou. [Am7]    [D7]    [G7]    

[C]Maybe I'll win, and m[Cdim]aybe I'll lose,
And ma[G7]ybe I'm in for c[Gm6]ryin' the blues, [A7+]    
But [A7]neverthe[Dm]less [A7]I'm    [A+]in    [D7]love w[G7]ith y[C]ou.  

[G+]Someh[C+]ow    [F+]I kn   [Gm7]ow at a gl[C7]ance   
The t[Gm7]errible cha[C7]nces I'm t[F]aking.
F[Am7]ine at the s[D7]tart, then [Am7-5]left with a h[D7]eart that is [G7]bre   [-]ak  [Dm7] - i[G7]ng.   

[C]Maybe I'll live a [Cdim]life of regret,
[G7]Maybe I'll give much m[Gm6]ore than I get, [A7+]    
But [A7]neverthel[Dm]ess    [A7]I'm    [A+]in l   [D7]ove    [G7]with y[C]ou,  

[Dm]Nevertheless [A7]I'm    [A+]in l   [D7]ove w[G7]ith y[C]ou. [D7]    [G+]    [C]    

Maybe I'm right, and maybe I'm wrong,
Maybe I'm weak, and maybe I'm strong,
But nevertheless I'm in love with you.

Maybe I'll win, and maybe I'll lose,
And maybe I'm in for cryin' the blues,
But nevertheless I'm in love with you.

Somehow I know at a glance
The terrible chances I'm taking.
Fine at the start, then [Am7-5]left with a heart that is bre[-]ak - ing.

Maybe I'll live a life of regret,
Maybe I'll give much more than I get,
But nevertheless I'm in love with you,

Nevertheless I'm in love with you.


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