My Silent Love

Song Author Dana Seusse og Edward Heyman Performer: Dick Haymes vocal og Harry James Submitted by: jonagust

[D9]    [Bm7]    [Em7/9]    [A7]    

[D]I   [F#m] reach for[Edim] you like I'd[Fdim] reach     [G7] for a [D6]star,[F#m]    
[B7]Worshipping[Cdim] you from a[Em]far, [B+]    
[G]Living [G/F#]with      [Edim] my      [A7]silent l[D]ove. [Bm7]    [Em7]    [A7+5]    

[D]I'm [F#m] like a f[Edim]lame dying[Fdim] out      [G7]in the [D6]rain, [F#m]    
[B7]Only the [Cdim]ashes re[Em]main,[B+]    
[Em6]Smouldering like[Gdim] my      [A7/6] si - l[A7]ent l[D]ove. [G]    [D]    

[G]How  [Em] I    [Edim]long to [F#7]tell     [D9]all the t[F#m]hings I have p[D6]lanned, [B7]    
[G]Still[Em] it's w[Fdim]rong to [A7/9]tell,      [B7]you would not underst[E7]and. [A7]    

Y[D]ou'll[F#m] go a[Edim]long never [Fdim]dream - [G7]ing I c[D6]are, [F#m]    
[B7]Loving som[Cdim]ebody somew[Em]here,[B+]    
[Em6]Leaving me [Gdim] my      [A7/6] si - l[A7]ent l[D]ove. [G]    [D]    

I reach for you like I'd reach for a star,
Worshipping you from afar,
Living with my silent love.

I'm like a flame dying out in the rain,
Only the ashes remain,
Smouldering like my si - lent love.

How I long to tell all the things I have planned,
Still it's wrong to tell, you would not understand.

You'll go along never dream - ing I care,
Loving somebody somewhere,
Leaving me my si - lent love.


  • D9
  • Bm7
  • Em7/9
  • A7
  • D
  • F#m
  • Edim
  • Fdim
  • G7
  • D6
  • B7
  • Cdim
  • Em
  • Baug
  • G
  • G/F#
  • Em7
  • A7aug5: not exist
  • Em6
  • Gdim
  • A7/6
  • F#7
  • A7/9
  • E7

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