My Romance

Song Author Richard Rodgers og Lorenz Hart Lyrics by: Richard Rodgers og Lorenz Hart Performer: Doris Day Submitted by: Anonymous

[D9]My    [A7]ro - ma[D]nce [Dm7]    
Doesn't [D6]have to [Bm7]have a m[G]oon [Em7]    [A7]in the s[D]ky, [A7]    
[G]My   [G9]ro - [D]mance [Dm7]    
Doesn't [D6]need a [Bm7]blue lag[G]oon [Em7] s    [A7]tanding [Bm]by; [Bm/E]    
[A7]No mo[D]nth [G]of   [A7]may,   [Edim] no t[D]wink - l[G]ing st[A7]ars,   
[Edim]No h     [Bm]ide a[Bm7]way, no s[G]oft guit[A7]ars.   

[D9]My    [A7]ro - ma[D]nce [Dm7]    
Doesn't [D6]need a c[Bm7]astle [G]ri - [Em7]sing     [A7]in Sp[D]ain,[A7]    
[G]Nor [G9]a da   [D]nce  [Dm7]    
To a c[D6]ons - tant -[Bm7] ly s    [G]ur - [Em7]pri - sing [A7]re - fr[D]ain.
[A7]Wide aw[D]ake,[Dm7] I can m[D6]ake my m[D9]ost   
Fan[F#]tastic d[F#7]reams come t[Bm]rue -[G]-  
[Em7]My     [Edim] ro - ma[D]nce [B7]    
Doesn't [G]need [E7]a th   [A]ing [Gdim] but y[D]ou. [B7]    [E7]    [Edim]    [D6]    [Dalt]    

My ro - mance
Doesn't have to have a moon in the sky,
My ro - mance
Doesn't need a blue lagoon standing by;
No month of may, no twink - ling stars,
No hide away, no soft guitars.

My ro - mance
Doesn't need a castle ri - sing in Spain,
Nor a dance
To a cons - tant - ly sur - pri - sing re - frain.
Wide awake, I can make my most
Fantastic dreams come true --
My ro - mance
Doesn't need a thing but you.


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