My Heart Stood Still

Song Author Lorenz Hart og Richard Rodgers Lyrics by: Lorenz Hart og Richard Rodgers Performer: Artie Shaw Submitted by: Anonymous
[D]I t  [D9]ook o[D]ne l[G]ook  [Gm7] at     [G6]you,   
[D]That's [D9]all    [D]I me[G]ant  [Gm7] to     [G6]do,   
[Dalt]And t     [G]hen [D]my h[G/B]eart     [A7/9]stood st[D]ill! [Bm7]    [Bb9]    [A7]    

[D]My   [D9]feet c[D]ould s[G]tep [Gm7]and     [G6]walk,
[D]My l[D9]ips co[D]uld m[G]ove [Gm7]and     [G6]talk,
[Dalt]And y     [G]et   [D]my h[G/B]eart     [A7/9]stood st[D]ill!

[Dm]Though not[D9] a    [Dm]single word was spoken,
I could [Gm]tell   [Fdim] you k     [A7]new --
[Dm]That unf[D9]elt c[Dm]lasp of hands
Told me so [A7+5]well      [A7]you knew.

[D]I n  [D9]ev - [D]er l[G]ived[Gm7] at     [G6]all   
[D]Un - [D9]til t[D]he th[G]rill[Gm7] of t    [G6]hat   
[Dalt]Mo - m     [G]ent w[D]hen [Em7]my h    [G/B]eart     [A7/9]stood st[D]ill.

I took one look at you,
That's all I meant to do,
And then my heart stood still!

My feet could step and walk,
My lips could move and talk,
And yet my heart stood still!

Though not a single word was spoken,
I could tell you knew --
That unfelt clasp of hands
Told me so well you knew.

I nev - er lived at all
Un - til the thrill of that
Mo - ment when my heart stood still.


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