My girl

Song Author Mike Barson Lyrics by: Mike Barson Performer: Madness Submitted by: eask
[C#m]My girl's mad [A]at me
[C#m]I didn't wanna[F#m] see the film tonight
[C#m]I found it hard t[A]o say
[C#m]She thought I'd h[F#m]ad enough of her

[E]Why [B]can't she[C#m] see    
[F#m]She's [E]lovely to m[B]e?  
[E]But I l[B]ike to st[C#m]ay in    
And w[E]atch t.[A]v. [E]on my[F#m] own    
Every n[A]ow an[B]d then

[C#m]My girl's mad[A] at me
[C#m]Been on the[F#m] telephone for an hour
[C#m]We hardly said[A] a word
[C#m]I tried and tri[F#m]ed but I could not be heard

[E]Why [B]can't I e[C#m]xplain?
[F#m]Why do I [E]feel this p[B]ain?
[E]'Cos ev[B]erything[C#m] I say
She does[E]n't un[A]derstand
She doesn't [E]reali[F#m]se    
She takes[A] it all the [B]wrong way

[C#m]My girl's ma[A]d at me
[C#m]We argued just[F#m] the other night
[C#m]I thought we'd [A]got it straight
[C#m]We talked and t[F#m]alked until it was light

[E]I tho[B]ught we'd [C#m]agreed
[F#m]I thought w[E]e'd talked [B]it out
[E]Now when I [B]try to s[C#m]peak    
She says t[E]hat I don[A]'t care
She s[E]ays I[F#m]'m unaware
And now s[A]he says I'm[B] weak

My girl's mad at me
I didn't wanna see the film tonight
I found it hard to say
She thought I'd had enough of her

Why can't she see
She's lovely to me?
But I like to stay in
And watch t.v. on my own
Every now and then

My girl's mad at me
Been on the telephone for an hour
We hardly said a word
I tried and tried but I could not be heard

Why can't I explain?
Why do I feel this pain?
'Cos everything I say
She doesn't understand
She doesn't realise
She takes it all the wrong way

My girl's mad at me
We argued just the other night
I thought we'd got it straight
We talked and talked until it was light

I thought we'd agreed
I thought we'd talked it out
Now when I try to speak
She says that I don't care
She says I'm unaware
And now she says I'm weak


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