Music, Maestro, Please

Song Author Herb Magidson og Allie Wrubel Performer: Frankie Laine Submitted by: jonagust

[A7]To - n[D]ight[D6] I [Edim]mustn't t[F#7]hink of her -- m[B7]usic, [Gdim]maestro, pl[B7]ease.
Ton[E7]ight, [G] tonight I [G/B]must for[A7+5]get     
Those [D9]precious l[D]ittle h[A7]ours   [A7/9] --      [G] no h[G9]earts a[G]nd f[D9]low - [A7+5]ers.     
[A7]Just p[D]lay [D6] your [Edim]lilting [F#7]melodies -- r[B7]agtime, [Gdim]jazztime, s[B7]wing,
[Cdim]Any o     [B7]ld t   [E7]hing [G] to help me [G/B]ease the [A7+5]pain     
[A7]That [D]sol - [D6]i - t[G]ude [Gm]can br[D]ing.

[D7]She    [D+5]used to [D7/9]like      [G]waltzes,[Em]    [Fdim] so pl     [Am]ease, [Am7]don't p[D7]lay   [D+5] a wa    [G]ltz.[G/F#]    [E7]    
She [Bm7-5]danced       [E7]de - v[A]ine - ly,[F#m] and I l[D9]oved her [E7]so...[Em7]there    [Em7/9] I       [A7+5] go.     

[A7]To - n[D]ight[D6] I [Edim]mustn't t[F#7]hink of her -- [B7]no more [Gdim]mem - o - r[B7]ies.   
So p[G]lay [Gm]-- to[Gdim]night I m[D]ust [D+5]for - [B7]get.   
[Em7]Music, m[A7]aes - [A7+5]tro, pl[D9]eas   [-]e.  [D]    [D6]    

To - night I mustn't think of her -- music, maestro, please.
Tonight, tonight I must forget
Those precious little hours -- no hearts and flow - ers.
Just play your lilting melodies -- ragtime, jazztime, swing,
Any old thing to help me ease the pain
That sol - i - tude can bring.

She used to like waltzes, so please, don't play a waltz.
She [Bm7-5]danced de - vine - ly, and I loved her so...there I go.

To - night I mustn't think of her -- no more mem - o - ries.
So play -- tonight I must for - get.
Music, maes - tro, pleas[-]e.


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