More Than You Know

[D7+5]More than you [G6]know, m[D7]ore than you [G9]know,
G[G7]irl of my h[C]eart, I [Fdim]love you [Am]so;   
[Cdim]Lately I f[D7]ind, y[A7]ou're on my m[D9]ind    [D7]more than you k[G]now. [Em]    [Am7]    [D7]    

[D7+5]Whether you're r[G6]ight, [D7]whether you're w[G9]rong,
[G7]Girl of my h[C]eart, I'll [Fdim]string al[Am]ong;   
[Cdim]I need you [G]so, m[E7]ore than you'll [A9]ev - [D7]er k   [G]now. [Am]    [G]    

[Em6]Loving [F#7]you the [Bm]way that I do,
There's [Em]nothing I can[F#m7] do ab     [Bm]out it;
[Gm]Loving [A7]may be a[D]ll you can [Bm7]give,    
But [E7]Honey I can't l[Em7]ive w    [A7]ith - o[D7]ut it. [Fdim]    [D]    

[D7+5]Oh how I'd c[G6]ry,    [D7]oh how I'd [G9]cry   
[G7]If you got t[C]ired, and [Fdim]said good-[Am]bye;   
[Cdim]More than I'd s[G]how, m[E7]ore than you'd [A9]ev - [D9]er k   [G]now. [Em]    [Bm7-5]    [E7]    

[Cdim]More than I'd sh[G]ow,  
[E7]More than you'd [A9]ev - [D9]er k   [G]now. [Em]    [Am7]    [Cm7]    [G6]    

More than you know, more than you know,
Girl of my heart, I love you so;
Lately I find, you're on my mind more than you know.

Whether you're right, whether you're wrong,
Girl of my heart, I'll string along;
I need you so, more than you'll ev - er know.

Loving you the way that I do,
There's nothing I can do about it;
Loving may be all you can give,
But Honey I can't live with - out it.

Oh how I'd cry, oh how I'd cry
If you got tired, and said good-bye;
More than I'd show, more than you'd ev - er know. [Bm7-5]

More than I'd show,
More than you'd ev - er know.


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