Midnight On The Stormy Deep

Song Author Bill Monroe Performer: Bill Monroe Submitted by: Anonymous

[C]Was midnight on the [G7]stormy [C]deep
My solitary watch I ke-[C7]ep   
And to think of [F]her I left be[C]hind
And asked if [G7]she'd be true and [C]kind

I never shall [G7]forget the [C]day  
When I was forced to go aw-[C7]ay   
In silence [F]there my head she'd [C]rest
And pressed me [G7]to her loving [C]breast

Oh Willie don't [G7]go back to [C]sea  
There's other girls as good as m-[C7]e   
But none can [F]love you true as [C]I  
Pray don't go [G7]where the bullets [C]fly  

The deep deep sea [G7]may us di[C]vide
And I may be some other's bri-[C7]de   
But still my [F]thoughts will sometimes [C]stray
To thee when [G7]thou art far [C]away

I never have [G7]proved false to [C]thee
The heart I gave was true as th-i[C7]ne   
But you have [F]proved untrue to [C]me  
I can no [G7]longer call thee [C]mine

Then fare thee well [G7]I'd rather [C]make
My home upon some icy la-[C7]ke   
Where the southern [F]sun refuse to [C]shine
Than to trust a [G7]love so false as [C]thine

Was midnight on the stormy deep
My solitary watch I ke-ep
And to think of her I left behind
And asked if she'd be true and kind

I never shall forget the day
When I was forced to go aw-ay
In silence there my head she'd rest
And pressed me to her loving breast

Oh Willie don't go back to sea
There's other girls as good as m-e
But none can love you true as I
Pray don't go where the bullets fly

The deep deep sea may us divide
And I may be some other's bri-de
But still my thoughts will sometimes stray
To thee when thou art far away

I never have proved false to thee
The heart I gave was true as th-ine
But you have proved untrue to me
I can no longer call thee mine

Then fare thee well I'd rather make
My home upon some icy la-ke
Where the southern sun refuse to shine
Than to trust a love so false as thine


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