Memories of You

Song Author Andy Razaf og Eubie Blake Lyrics by: Andy Razaf og Eubie Blake Performer: Rosemary Clooney og The Benny Goodman Trio Submitted by: Anonymous
[D]Waking [Fdim]skies      [Em7] at sun[Edim]rise,      [D]ev - ry [Bm7]sun - set [E7]too,   
[D9]Seems to[Bm7] be b    [Cdim]ringing [B7]me    [E7]memor[A9]ies of [D]you. [A7]    

[D]Here and[Fdim] there,[Em7] ev - 'ry - [Edim]where, sc[D]enes that[Bm7] we once [E7]knew,
A[D]nd they [Em7]all     [Cdim]just re - c[B7]all    [E7]mem - o - r[A9]ies of y[D]ou. [F#7]    

[Bm]How I wish I [G7]could forget those [Bm]happy[Bm7-5] yes - ter - y[E7]ears;
T[Bm]hat have [Bm7/E]left a       [E7/9] ro - sa - [E7]ry of t[A7]ears. [Em7]    [A7]    

[D]Your face [Fdim]beams      [Em]in my d[Edim]reams, in [D]spite of[Bm7-5] all I       [E7]do,   
And [D]ev - 'ry - t[Em7]hing     [Cdim]seems to b[B7]ring [E7]mem - o - r[A9]ies of y[D]ou.  

Waking skies at sunrise, ev - ry sun - set too,
Seems to be bringing me memories of you.

Here and there, ev - 'ry - where, scenes that we once knew,
And they all just re - call mem - o - ries of you.

How I wish I could forget those happy[Bm7-5] yes - ter - years;
That have left a ro - sa - ry of tears.

Your face beams in my dreams, in spite of[Bm7-5] all I do,
And ev - 'ry - thing seems to bring mem - o - ries of you.


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