Mele Kalikimaka

Song Author Robert Alexander Anderson Performer: Bing Crosby og The Andrews Sisters Submitted by: jonagust

[G]Me - le Ka -[Em7] li - ki -[Am7] ma - ka[Edim] is the th[G]ing [G/F#] to s     [D7]ay,   
[Cdim]On a br[G]ight [G/F#] Ha -[Edim] wai - ian [Am7]Christ - mas D[D7]ay,   
T[C]hat's the [C/B]is - land g[Am7]reet - ing [Am7/G]that we [Cdim]send to [D7]you   
F[Am7]rom the l[D9]and    [Gdim]where      [Am7]palm     [Cdim]trees sw[G]ay, [D]    
H[E7]ere we[Bm7b5] know that [Fdim]Christ - mas [E7]will be [Bm7b5]green       [Edim]and br     [Am7]ight,    
The [G]sun to [G/F#]shine by [Fdim]day and [E7]all the [D9]stars[Edim] at n     [D7]ight,
[G]Me - le Ka -[Em7] li - ki -[Am7] ma -    [Edim] is Haw - [G]ai - [B7]i's    [E7]way   
To s[C]ay "[Am7]Mer - ry Ch[D9]rist -[D7/9] mas      [D6/9] to y     [G]ou."

Me - le Ka - li - ki - ma - ka is the thing to say,
On a bright Ha - wai - ian Christ - mas Day,
That's the is - land greet - ing that we send to you
From the land where palm trees sway,
Here we know that Christ - mas will be green and bright,
The sun to shine by day and all the stars at night,
Me - le Ka - li - ki - ma - is Haw - ai - i's way
To say "Mer - ry Christ - mas to you."


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