Maria Elena

Song Author Lorenzo Barcelata Performer: Los Indios Tabajares Submitted by: jonagust

[Dm7]Mar - [C]i - a[G7] E -   [Fdim] le - na y[C]ou [G] are the a[C]nswer[Cdim] to a p[Dm7]rayer; [G7]    
Mar -[Dm] i - [Dm7]a E - le - na,[Dm7b5] Dear,       [G7] can't you [Dm7]see     [G7] how much I c[C]are? [G]    
To [C]me [G7]    [Fdim] your vo[C]ice [G] is like an e[C]cho  [Cdim] in the ni[Dm7]ght* [G7]    
[Dm]And w[Dm7]hen you're [Dm7b5]near,       [G7] my heart can't s[Dm7]peak    [G7]    [Fdim]above a s[C]igh. [G]    

[Dm7]Mar - [C]i - a[G7] E -   [Fdim] le - na, pl[C]ease[G] say that [C]we wi[Cdim]ll neve[Dm7]r part; [G7]    
[Dm]Mar -[Dm7] i - a E - le - na, [E7]Dear, please [E7b9]take me [E7]to your [Am]heart. [A7]    
A [F]love like [Fm7]mine is g[C9]reat en[C]ough for [A7]two --
To [A7/9]share this [D7]love is really [G7]all I ask of [C]you.

Mar - i - a E - le - na you are the answer to a prayer;
Mar - i - a E - le - na, Dear, can't you see how much I care?
To me your voice is like an echo in the night*
And when you're near, my heart can't speak above a sigh.

Mar - i - a E - le - na, please say that we will never part;
Mar - i - a E - le - na, Dear, please take me to your heart.
A love like mine is great enough for two --
To share this love is really all I ask of you.


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