Song Author Mack Gordon og Edmund Goulding Performer: The Pied Pipers Submitted by: jonagust

[G/B]A s    [Am7]mall    [Cdim] ca -      [G6]fe, Mam' - se[D6]lle, [D9]    [G6]    
[G/B]Our     [Am7]ren - [Cdim]dez - v[Gm7]ous, Mam' - se[C9]lle, [Bm7]    
The[Fdim] vi - o - [Am7]lins were [D7]warm and [Am7]sweet    
D9 GM7 FM7 F#7 G
And so were you, Mam' - selle.
[G/B]And     [Am7]as t    [D7-9]he ni     [G6]ght danced b[D6]y, [D9]    [G6]    
[G/B]A     [Am7]kiss    [Cdim] be - c[C9]ame a sigh;
Your [F]love - ly[Bm7] eyes [G/B]seemed to[Em] spar - kle just lik[Am]e wine do[Cm7]es --    
No h[Bm7]eart    [G/B] ev - er [Em]yearned the[B+] way tha[Em7]t mine do[A7]es f[Dsus4]or you      [Fdim].      [D7]    
[G/B]And     [Am7]yet     [Cdim] I k     [G6]now too [D6]well [D9]    [G6]    
[G/B]Some     [A7]day    [Cdim]you'll [G6]say good - [C9]bye. [Bm7]    
Then[Gdim] vi - o - [Am7]lins will [D7]cry,   
And[Am7] so will[Cdim] I, Mam' - s[G]elle.[G/B]    [Am7]    [Am7alt]    [Cdim]    [G6]    

A small ca - fe, Mam' - selle,
Our ren - dez - vous, Mam' - selle,
The vi - o - lins were warm and sweet
D9 GM7 FM7 F#7 G
And so were you, Mam' - selle.
And as t[D7-9]he night danced by,
A kiss be - came a sigh;
Your love - ly eyes seemed to spar - kle just like wine does --
No heart ev - er yearned the way that mine does for you.
And yet I know too well
Some day you'll say good - bye.
Then vi - o - lins will cry,
And so will I, Mam' - selle.


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  • F
  • Em
  • Am
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  • Baug
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  • A7
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  • Am7alt: not exist

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